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Siding and gutter services in the Naperville, IL area

Are you ready to give your home a fresh new look? US Home Restoration Authority offers siding installation services in Naperville, IL and the greater Chicago area. We install a variety of different types of siding, including wood, vinyl, composite, cedar and fiber cement. We work with Royal Building Products to offer you a wide selection of siding styles and color options. We're Vinyl Siding Installation (VSI) certified, and fully licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Illinois.

Gutters FAQ

We install Shur Flo gutter guards to maximize the life span of your gutters. We're here to answer any questions you might have about gutter protection. Here are some the most frequently asked questions about gutter protection and Shur Flo:

Q: Will anything clog Shur Flo?

A: No, the perforated flow drain holes allow only water to enter your gutters. Your gutter will always remain free flowing.

Q: Will Shur Flo work during heavy rainfalls?

A: Shur Flo's capacity for water exceeds U.S. record rainfall amounts.

Q: Will I have to replace my gutters?

A: No. Shur Flo can be installed on 5" or 6" gutters. Unless damaged, there is no need to replace your existing gutters.

Q: How long will Shur Flo last?

A: Manufactured with hi-temper aluminum, it will never rust, rot or distort.

Q: Will Shur Flo work with metal, shake or tile roofs?

A: Yes, Shur Flo is installed on top of your gutters. It performs well with any type of roofing material or roof pitch.

Q: Will Shur Flo work when covered with wet leaves or pine needles?

A: Yes. Testing shows Shur Flo's filtration system keeps working even when covered by wet leaves or debris.

Our Shur Flo gutter guard installation includes a 20-year warranty.

Our Shur Flo gutter guard installation includes a 20-year warranty.

Add years of life to your gutters. Call us today to speak to a contractor about siding or gutter services in the Naperville, IL area.